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September 20, 2013

For the most part, BYMS is a pretty good school. I have a 8th grade daughter and a 7th grade son attending the school. My daughter loves her group of friends who, like her, are all high achieving, leaders, and most importantly, kind and good kids. Most of the teachers are good...some may be a little boring but still very competent with the EXCEPTION of the language arts teacher, MR. Donald Gebler. There really is some mental defect going on with that man. He mercilessly tells daily self grandiose far fetched and above-all inappropriate stories throughout the school year to his 12-13 year students who are held captive in his class! Worst, he bullies the same quiet and timid kids on a weekly basis for no reason. Most of the kids feel so badly when he does this but seem to feel helpless to speak up. I hear that many parents complain to the administration who seem to know very well of this man's behavior. My daughter received an A+ in his class but hardly learned anything from this terrible teacher. Luckily, my son has Mr. Kish who I hear is very competent and a true mentor & leader to students. Teachers union is very powerful - Gebler is lucky he's tenured.

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April 3, 2011

I used to have a child who had the "Monday morning blues" EVERY DAY while in grade school. Every school day was a battle, & I was sure we would never have a child who enjoyed learning. After entering BYMS, he now loves going to school & has excelled in EVERY subject. His experience is nothing short of remarkable, but certainly not isolated, as I hear similar stories from other BYMS parents. The teachers are 100% engaged, & dedicated to their student's success. Principal, Mr. Malotte, makes sure every kid at BYMS feel important. He impresses upon every student their responsibility for their education, encouraging student accountability and peer mentoring. It says a lot about a school when more than half of the student body has achieved honor roll, and more than 75% participate in the arts. On that note (no pun intended) the music program is second to none; with each and every performance worthy of a standing ovation. Music Director, Rita Watson brings out the best in every student, and has created such a fantastic, award winning music program. The Principal, Teachers and staff at BYMS are joined by parents in their hands-on" commitment to our children's continued success.

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June 30, 2010

The entire staff and teachers are focused on the student's success and encourage and welcome parent involvement. Our son has done wonderfully there and has achieved personal successes while attending.

July 22, 2009

I have been a teacher at BYMS for 14 years. I appreciate the diversity in the school population and the general desire on the part of students and parents for success. I know that I plan each day for the success of all of my students. The public is generally unaware of the number of extra hours that many of our faculty members spend each day preparing for the next. Regularly I find myself in the xerox room with other teachers until 6 PM or later. One sign of our satisfaction with Bernardo is the fact that we continue to have many of our own children attend Bernardo, most of whom on on transfer. I don't believe that most schools can make the same claim. Bernardo Yorba is a successful Distinguished and Blue Ribbon school because that not are the students works in progress but we as a staff are too.

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April 30, 2009

My daughter went to this school. Overall education was superior however, the staff needs to be more involved with the everyday struggles of students. Between bulling and taking teachers sides, when the student may actually be right., they need to seriously improve. I left the school for my daughters sanity.

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April 2, 2009

Kudos to all the administration, faculty, staff and parents who worked towards Bernardo Yorba Middle School's recognition as a '2009 California Distinguished School'! All your hard work is much appreciated. Thanks, 'A Grateful Parent'

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September 5, 2008

My second child is attending BYMS. Teachers and staff are first rate, plenty of choices for students. The music program under Rita Watson is one of the best.

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June 25, 2007

I went to this school for 2 years (7th and 8th). This school taught me alot. I had the best teachers, and friends. This school was awarded a blue ribbon school and i think it is. Thank you to the principal for being there and being the best principal ever!

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January 20, 2007

AS being my second year here at BYMS, i would say that it is a great school, with wonderful departments. Not only am i in advanced art, but advanced drama as well. They are both excellent classes with tons of fun. I highly recommend both of them. For the uniforms though, well... lets just say i could without them! (Go matadors!)

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February 8, 2006

Bernardo Yorba Junior High School is a Blue Ribbon Award Winning School. It is a great school. I wish it was a three instead of two year school. The kids look sharp in their uniforms. I have two sons there. The are bright and very well educated and it was not anything I did. I was used to being so involved with their elementary school and needed to be for their grade outcome. At Bernardo, they know what they need to know before they get home. They teach me when they tell me about their classes. I am very impresses with this school. The principal is always present and cares for each and every student there is no room for misbehaving there because the staff is involved. Like I said, I wish it was a three year school. I am very glad we were able to attend BYMS. Thank you Mr.Dolan.

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October 1, 2003

One year ago our family moved into this school district from the Orange School district. The education program provided by Bernardo Yorba is a quantum leap over the program we experienced at Portola Middle School (grades 6-8).I am just trying to figure out a way to provide the incentive for my twins to work hard enough to get into honor classes & programs.

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August 22, 2003

Bernardo Yorba is the worst school in not only the city, but the country as well. Most of the teachers think that it is inconvienient for you to ask a question or find out your grade. They give you this look like, why the heck would you ask me that?

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