How to be the perfect Buyer!?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020   /   by Angie Hsieh

How to be the perfect Buyer!?

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How to be the perfect buyer?

With the market so hot, many have asked me how I get my buyers into escrow or even how I can compete with others?

It is very important to be known and loved by the listing agent. Here are hacks to be the perfect buyer:

1. Go to the open house (either with your family or with me) and strike up a conversation with the listing agent. First impressions are very important. You want them to know you and think of you as a trust-worthy person and more importantly to know that you are easy to talk to and work with. 

2. Really love the house, as if you see yourself living in it. You can start by saying we can put TV here, couch here etc. DO NOT say, oh I see the shower has a hole in it will it be fixed? By showing them how much you like the home, you show them how committed you are. Once you start to point out all the problems, they know a hefty request for repairs would come if they chose you.

3. I know you have a lot of questions about the roof, pipes and other important questions, but let me ask you this. Would your offer amount be different if you knew the answer to those questions? If it won't change your offer, then don't ask it. (You have to remember all the repairs will be negotiated again after the home inspection. Let me do the heavy lifting for you and ask for you instead!)

Let me know what you guys talked about so I know how to identify you to the listing agent and I'll do the rest ;) TAG Team!

Just like buyers, there's a reason why they are selling, and knowing why actually helps a lot. I always talk to the listing agent before making an offer, because we can use our understanding of the seller as a non-monetary advantage to get the house instead of upping the price! Call me today to go over the purchasing contract and learn what non-monetary advantages there are.